Grow Bags

Grow bags with coir pith are popular because they are more fertilizer responsive than grow bags with use peat and rockwool. Presently, very popular are co-extruded, UV stabililzed gusseted bag which has the advantage taht it is recyclable and therefore retained by farmers to cultivate 2 to 3 crops and the used pith is re-used for seedling nurseries or as a soil mulch. We are fully equipped to cater to customers specific requirements.

Size: 80 x 45 x 33 cm Moisture Content between 20-30% Lightly compressed at 2.5:1 fir convenient usage.

Packing: Polyethylene bag printed or unprinted 630+or-10 of 25kg bags with a break up volume of over 200 lit are direct loaded to 40 foot high cube container.