Standard bale size is 30 x 30 x 13 cm Compressed to 5:1 Weight 5kg Breakout of 65-70 lit of reconstituted material by adding 25-30 lit of water Loading 256 individual wrap or naked bales stacked on a wooden pallet stretch wrapped and poly strapped , 20 pallets of which or 5400 + or 100 naked bales direct loaded to a 40 foot hight cube container .

USES : Mianly for compost makers and economical uses who could reconstitute and mix with nutrients or other relevant organic composts, bag and on-sell or direct application to fields.

Dimensions are : 100 x 15 cm and 100 x 20 cm Can produce according to customers requirements (dimensions and expansion heights) Packed in corrugated cartons and direct loaded into containers or stacked on wooden pallets, stretch wrapped and poly strapped